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We are a firm which is here to help individuals.  We do not try to do everything. 

Our cases revolve around helping injured clients recover a fair amount for their injuries caused through the fault of others. 

These cases involve car accidents, truck wrecks, motorcycle collisions, slip and fall injuries and others.  

We also represent individuals in the defense of criminal charges.

Clients hire us for misdemeanor and felony cases for charges from DUI and DWI to Felony possession, theft, assault and other allegations made against them.

I graduated from Drake University Law School in 1993 and have had cases in City, State and Federal courts since that time as well as state and federal courts of appeals and the United States Supreme Court.  I am licensed in Missouri and Kansas, their Federal courts and Courts of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court as well as an inactive license in Rhode Island.

I was the first person in my family to become a lawyer.  I made the decision to become a lawyer because I wanted to have the power to help people when they most need it.  My brother, Timothy J. Deffet, soon after decided to become a lawyer for the same reasons.  Feel free to contact him for help with any Illinois injury or Workers Compensation cases. 

Most people only need to hire a lawyer once or twice during their lifetime.  If you are in the position of needing to hire a lawyer, please feel free to call our office at 816-532-2345 and discuss your claim or case with us.  You need to feel comfortable and confident that the lawyer you choose to hire will do all he can to help you.